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Semi-automatic welding machine MAGNUM MIG 205L with the function of BRAZE WELDING

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Power supply230V/50Hz
Welding current200A
Applied spool masses1-5kg
Wire feeding speed2-12 m/min
Housing protectionIP21
Power supply protection20A
Circuit voltage56V

MIG 205 L is a professional semi-automatic welding machine, made for the welding of low-carbon, low-alloyed (MAG), alloyed steel (MIG), aluminum and its alloys and for braze welding!!! It has the ability of coated-electrode welding (acid rutile-coated, basic lime-coated, acid-covered - MMA). The machine has application to heavy manufacturing conditions (industrial) as well as repair workshops. It is adapted to a power supply of 230 V, 50 Hz. It allows welding with steel welding wires with a diameter of 0.6-0.8 mm, flux-cored wires (welding "without gas") and electrodes with a diameter of 1.6-3.2 mm. MIG 205 L has a professional wire feeder, Euroconnector sockets, which allow to use different types of welding torches, and an outlet for a shielding gas preheater. The machine is equipped with a thermal cutoff to prevent overheating.

MIG 205 L has the possibility of braze welding. It is a process of joining metals, between hard brazing and welding. The joint is accomplished only through melting a special filler-solder, without melting the joined metals, whereas the process technique and preparation method of the edges of the joined objects are similar to welding.
Nowadays it is very common to use galvanized metal sheets. In the welding process evaporating zinc is the cause of weld porosity, because high temperatures generated in this area destroy the protective layer and the joined elements lose their corrosion resistance. Mechanical removal of zinc before the welding as well as reapplying it in places of evaporation is very expensive. On the other hand filling the losses with substances like "zinc spray" does not sufficiently protect the construction from corrosion. Moreover, the welding of galvanized metal sheets emits a large amount of zinc vapours, which are damaging to the weldors' health. All these problems can be avoided by using the braze welding technology.
As filler metals copper-based metals should be applied.
MIG 205 L has also an adjustment of the inductance, which allows to set the "hardness" of the arc.

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