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Semi-automatic welding machine MAGNUM MIG 207MMA

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Power supply230V/50Hz
Welding current170A
Adjustment rangevariable
Applied spool masses1-5kg
Housing protectionIP21
Power supply protection20A

The universal semi-automatic welding machine is made for MIG/MAG welding of steel, non-ferrous metals, including aluminum and stainless steel, and for coated-electrode welding (MMA).

The machine can be used for:
-MIG/MAG welding with CO2-shielded wires, argon-shielded, gas mixtures
-MMA welding with coated electrodes (acid rutile-coated, basic lime-coated, for cast iron and stainless steel etc.)
-TIG LIFT argon-shielded welding through touch ignition

It has the following functions:
-HOT START: increases the power at the start for easier arc ignition
-ANTI STICK: protects the electrode from incandescensce in case of its sticking
-ARC FORCE: stabilises the arc regardless of its lenght

It allows welding with wires with a diameter of 0.8 mm and coated electrodes with a diameter of 1.6-4.0 mm.

Because of its low weight and small size as well as versatile application it is recommended especially for:
-construction companies, where it is necessary to carry the machine up
-car repair workshops
-locksmith workshops

The MIG welding machine has been built on IGBT transistors, which provide minimum power losses, an increase of the efficiency and reliability of the power source.

Advantages of MIG 207 MMA PROFI

-versatility of application, one machine replaces several expensive
-MIG/MAG CO2-shielded welding, argon-shielded, gas mixtures: carbon steel, stainless steel, etc.
-welding with coated electrodes Φ 1.6-4.0 mm
-MIG torch mounted for EURO sockets
-quick and easy exchange of the MIG torch
-strong wire feeder
-small size and low weight of the machine
-high reliability thanks to the IGBT technology
-stable arc ignition thanks to the inverter technology
-high efficiency of the machine
-fine welds and easy welding thanks to the inverter technology

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